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Brokendate Video

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Com Truise – “Brokendate” from Ghostly International on Vimeo.

Music as evocative as the stuff made by Com Truise—master of the transporting synth odyssey—necessitates videos that are nothing short of cinematic. Hence the fully blown-out treatment for “Brokendate,” which rolls everything from eighties cop noir to Blade Runner retro-futurism to slo-mo Hype Williams nods into one five-minute world unto itself.

Says previous collaborator and director Will Joines of 10 lb Pictures: “While I was cutting the ‘Fairlight’ video earlier in the year I kept thinking that it was fun, but if I ever had the opportunity to actually film something for one of Com Truise’s songs then I could really go all out and create this whole world that would be specifically tailored to his music.” Mission accomplished.


Fairlight Official Video

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Com Truise ‘FairLight’ from 10lb Pictures on Vimeo.

The official video for “Fairlight” is now live, it was created by the fine folks at 10lb Pictures. You can download “Fairlight” as a part of the ISO50 “Dry Waves” compilation here.



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Disorder / 1 from Disorder on Vimeo.

Disorder at hand.